Although it was the music on three stages at 80/35 that were our camera’s main focus, the downtown Des Moines  atmosphere in all it’s festive configurations also received plenty of face time.  We shot hundreds of photos in the two days at 80/35. Here are some of our favorites during and between the music.

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George Burrows' fascination with live music began in the 60's. He saw Cream on October 14, 1968, at Vets Auditorium in Des Moines, One year later Burrows attended The Denver Pop Festival in Mile High Stadium. He witnessed The Jimi Hendrix Experience's final gig on June 29, 1969. His list of artists included many who have shaped music for decades. Around 1993 Burrows become friends/colleagues with people in the music industry. He had developed an impressive networking resume which he used it to his advantage and began a concert photography website. He worked for free through multiple live music websites designed to promote live music and the often struggling artists and venues. His shoot for no pay was an obstacle with other photographers. Burrows’ sole purpose for LGS was for the art, not monetary means. He lived in the music environment and soon developed name recognition. After the loss of his brother, a professional drummer, in 2014, he became serious about becoming a drummer. Burrows began drum lessons. The LGS website, contributors and his studies did not match. In 2016 he was about to pull the plug on LGS and embrace drumming. After a chance consultation with one of the most highly regarded session drummers and programmers today he got his answer. Start a website featuring only drummers. With help, he launched Burrows added his passion for drumming with his expertise of live music photography by launching Drummer Photographer LGS.