Minneapolis, MN (October 20, 2016)

McCoy Tyner Piano, Gerard  Cannon Bass, Sherman Irby Alto Sax and Joe Farnsworth Drums.  McCoy Tyner’s appearance marked an historic timeline for the Dakota. Mr. Tyner  holds the honor as the first legendary jazz artist to play the Dakota in 1988. As with every jazz performance I attend at the Dakota I attend both shows. A well respected friend said that I should not take photos for the first 30 minutes if possible. He said give the artist(s) and yourself ample space to locate the groove of the room.  I could not begin to tell you song titles or if set one was better than set two. What I can say is that as the evening progressed so did the music. Both audiences had their favorite moments during the sets, but what each shared was their admiration for McCoy Tyner. The masters include; Tyner, Evans, Brubeck, Garner, Ellington, Peterson, Monk and Powell.  McCoy Tyner’s influence will be felt by every jazz pianist whether intentional or through osmosis.  I was blessed to be in his presence.

Photos of McCoy Tyner Quartet by George Burrows







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