Legendary “Bluesman” John Mayall Interview


    Riverside, Iowa | February 28, 2011


    George Burrows: How long have been on the road, playing live?

    John Mayall: I started in 1962 and have been going along creatively ever since.  It is one aspect that gives me great satisfaction. The current lineup of Rocky Athas on guitar, Greg Rzab on bass guitar and Jay Davenport on drums has been with me since 2009 and gives me great energy that can be heard on the latest album. TOUGH.

    GB: You have had countless bands and band configurations. What usually dictates change and what is the average life of a touring band?

    JM: There is no average time that any one lineup stays together. It always depends on the creative process which is ever ongoing.

    GB: Is there a line-up that holds a special place for you in your career and if so could you elaborate on the chemistry?

    GB: Could you tell us about your current band and how long they have been with you, etc?

    JM: Today’s lineup fulfills every aspect of my work. Very high energy and of course exceptional expertise on their respective instruments.We have been together now since the beginning of 2009 and it seems we go from strength to strength. Originally organist Tom Canning was on board but after he left we have found new excitement in the dynamics of a four piece lineup.

    GB: If you could change one thing in the music world and it would become a reality what would that be?

    JM: I don’t really have an answer to that one. As long as there is an audience for the blues in all media I think we are in good shape. We look forward to seeing you in Iowa. It’s been a long time but we’ll sure make up for it when we hit the stage.


    March 27 Riverside,Iowa (Look for photos from iamnotjerry.com)

    March 29 Bayside, NY

    March 30 Fairfield , CT

    March 31 White River Junction,VT (MORE)

    Thank you for allowing yet another interview as to your vast and historic music career. Time does not allow me to list all the people you have influenced, not only in blues field, but all musical genres. You are truly a living and working legend.

    See More: Bio

    Thanks to Maggie Mayall for coordinating the interview

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