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Cedar Rapids, Iowa 6.2.13- Bill Mayer, the infamous host of HBO’s Real Time and former ABC bad boy, delivered plenty of politically charged humor in Cedar Rapids…on a Sunday night. Bill greeted the capacity crowd by stating his friends in California wondered why he would come Iowa . Bill said he wanted to and thank an all white state for putting President Obama in office. Talking with an Iowa Obama cacus leader after the show, he said was thrilled that someone finally gave a nod to Iowa for its support of the Obama campaigns.  The President was a hot topic that brought rounds of applause each time he referred to him as “Blackinstein” or  suggested that he grow his hair out to further piss off  the Republicans. He quickly added, “…no don’t do that, wear a red velvet suit instead.”  At one point Bill said he was so scared of Mitt Romney that he gave one million dollars out of his own pocket.  Bill didn’t leave anyone out. He covered all the right-wing notables. In true Bill Maher edginess, he was able to use Donald Trump and Jerry Sandusky  in a Penn State joke. The politically incorrect “R” word   was  used when he talked about Sarah Palin’s son, which drew some moans, stating,” …don’t worry I checked, he is not here tonight.” Bill also said, ” …how would you like to be her son…and you call me the retarded one?”  Bill moved to religion in which he brought up the new Pope and his statement about Atheists getting into Heaven. Bill said. “…of course the powers that be who are just like politicians, quickly called a “time-out” and retracted the Pope’s statement.  The Pope in Bill Maher’s opinion has become nothing more than a Macy’s Day Parade float, where kids will go to see their three favorite floats, the Pope, Jesus and Santa Claus. I was waiting for him to talk about religion as when I was coming in I walked next to an elder Catholic Bishop in his back suit and collar who smiled as I gave him a nod. Refreshing to know at least there is one religious leader who finds Bill Maher’s humor to contain more than just satire.  If a leader of the Catholic church attended, Mr. Maher must be preaching beyond the so called liberal left.

The Paramount should be commended for bringing  Bill Maher to Eastern Iowa. Bill Maher attracted people of  all ages, genders and political loyalties. However, given the audience responses I feel Bill was playing ball on his home court.

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